2 parallel workloads

10 GB of free storage

For all tiers, machine costs are passed through from our cloud providers.

*$0.12/hour when one or more workloads are active.


If enabled, storage tiers will be automatically upgraded as you consume more of each resource. For example, if in a given billing period you use 62.5 GB of storage, you will be charged $5. If disabled, you will not be able to consume more than the storage limit included in your current tier. At the beginning of every billing cycle you will start off in the lowest possible tier based on your usage.


Up to 10 GB


Up to 25 GB


Up to 100 GB


Up to 400 GB


Up to 1 TB


Egress costs depend on the volume of data transferred and are calculated at a fixed rate per GB specific to each cloud provider. The rates are $0.12/GB for AWS, Azure, and GCP, while Lambda Labs is priced at $0.01/GB. For example, in a given billing period, transferring 5 GB of data out of AWS will result in a charge of $0.60.

Unit prefixes (such as ‘2 GB’) should be interpreted as binary units (‘2 GiB’) as further explained here.