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2 parallel workloads

10 GB of free storage

5 GB of free egress

Pro coming soon

Reach out to learn more!

*$0.10/hour when one or more machines are running. Machine costs are passed through from our cloud providers.

*When you create an account you will get $5 in free compute credits valid for 30 days.

Resource upgrades

You can purchase additional storage and egress as you go.



Up to 10 GB


Up to 25 GB


Up to 100 GB


Up to 400 GB


Up to 1 TB



Up to 5 GB


Up to 15 GB


Up to 50 GB


Up to 200 GB


Up to 500 GB

Unit prefixes (such as ‘2 GB’) should be interpreted as binary units (‘2 GiB’) as further explained here.