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Run more experiments faster ⚡️

Optumi is a cloud service that makes it easy for data scientists to develop & train ML models on powerful computing resources

Problem Optumi solves

Data scientists are often forced to wait a long time for ML training to complete and compromise on experimentation. This is typically because they run into resource bottlenecks on their laptops or cloud machines (ex: not enough RAM to try their full dataset). Optumi helps them easily scale to powerful instances with up to:

GPU cards
CPU cores

How it works

1️⃣ Select a type of cloud machine

2️⃣ Select a mode of notebook interaction

3️⃣ See how your notebooks perform

Your benefits

Faster execution ✅

Reduce processing time by leveraging powerful CPU and GPU machines.

New experiments ✅

Leverage larger datasets and search through more hyperparameters.

No runtime limit ✅

Run notebooks for hours or days without worry. We don't kill them off.

Background execution ✅

Jobs enable your notebooks to continue running when you close your laptop.

Auto-release ✅

We clean up computing resources when jobs end to save you money.

Notifications ✅

Get text messages when jobs complete or fail so you don't have to babysit them.

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