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Run more experiments faster ⚡️

Optumi is a Jupyterlab extension that helps data scientists scale machine learning development and training

Problem we solve

Data scientists are often forced to wait a long time for ML training to complete and compromise on experimentation. This is typically because they run into resource bottlenecks on their laptops or cloud machines (e.g., not enough RAM to try their full dataset). Optumi helps them easily scale to powerful instances with up to:

GPU cards
CPU cores

How it works

1️⃣ Select a type of cloud machine

2️⃣ Select a mode of notebook interaction

3️⃣ See how your notebooks perform

Your benefits

Faster execution ✅

Reduce processing time by leveraging powerful CPU and GPU machines.

New experiments ✅

Leverage larger datasets and search through more hyperparameters.

No runtime limit ✅

Run notebooks for hours or days without worry. We don't kill them off.

Background execution ✅

Jobs enable your notebooks to continue running when you close your laptop.

Auto-release ✅

We clean up computing resources when jobs end to save you money.

Notifications ✅

Get text messages when jobs complete or fail so you don't have to babysit them.