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Experiment orchestration for easy MLOps 🚀

Optumi helps data scientists and ML engineers easily launch, monitor and manage ML workloads

Leverage the same functionality in both the API and web app

How does Optumi help?

Optumi offers data scientists and ML engineers a better experimentation and model training experience in the cloud. Use our Python library to launch jobs and our web UI to monitor and manage them while we automate all infrastructure-related tasks.

Launch from a Python library and manage from a web app

See resource utilization, cost and runtime info on the go


Workload execution 🚀

Run jobs (background execution) or sessions (interactive cells) using Jupyter notebooks, Python scripts or Docker containers.

Workload monitoring 🧱

Easily view and manage all your workloads in one place. Use our web UI at your desk or on the move.

Resource automation ⚙️

Select from a wide variety of instances. Optumi dynamically provisions them and shuts them off when jobs finish.

Resource insights 📊

Better understand how resources are being used with intuitive utilization graphs and easy cost tracking.

Data source integrations 🌉

Easily connect to common data sources (e.g. S3, BigQuery) with integrations and environment variables.

Status notifications 📲

Get notified via SMS, email or Slack channel when jobs start, succeed or fail. No more babysitting code.