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Speed up ML notebooks
in the cloud

Optumi is a JupyterLab extension that provisions infrastructure and cleans it up when you’re done.

We make data scientists more productive

ML computing is tricky. Sometimes your laptop works just fine and other times it gets completely bogged down. Cloud resources can help, but shifting between local and remote environments is cumbersome and error-prone.
Optumi provides a seamless laptop-to-cloud experience to help you leverage the resources you need, right when you need them.

Launch interactive
sessions or batch jobs

No need to change your code or workflow. Optumi hooks into your local environment as a JupyterLab extension.

To run in the cloud, simply tell Optumi which resource to optimize for, set a cost/performance tradeoff and hit launch. 

Automate machine setup and cleanup

No need to self-provision or wait on colleagues.

Optumi dynamically allocates machines, configures them to work like your local environment and runs your notebooks.

You can tell Optumi to keep machines around or  automatically release them when sessions/jobs finish.

Keep track of runs
and spending

No more surprise bills or digging through cloud consoles for basic information.

With Optumi you gain real-time job insights and can see your spend at a glance.

We automatically keep a record of past runs for you to look back on (code, files, etc.).


Faster execution

Reduce training time by leveraging powerful CPU and GPU machines.
No manual setup required.

New experiments

Freed from resource limitations,
you can work with more complex models and larger datasets.

Lower cloud bills

When spinning up and down machines is effortless, there's no need to pay for them 24/7.

Library agnostic

Bring your favorite Python tools and frameworks without having to understand Docker containers.

Cloud abstraction

Every cloud has its own way of doing things. Leverage their innovations without learning their jargon.

Free your laptop

We know there's more to your remote workday. Offloading jobs makes room for Zoom calls and Chrome tabs 🙂

Want to give it a try?