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Liquid Computing Platform

The easiest way to create and deploy ML workflows
Our Mission
How we do it
So what does this mean?
You obtain high-level control and low-level transparency with important top-down and bottom-up benefits.

Liquid Computing Platform

See how it works!


Visualize how distributed applications will perform over your infrastructure.
You simply express intent, and with one-click, we make it so.



Understand how compute, storage, and networking resources impact your live workloads.
Quickly identify where the problem is and how specific services are affected.



Click, drag or adjust to re-prioritize workloads and their placement on the equipment.
Create Express Lanes or Dedicated Highways - VIP treatment on the fly.



Simulate application or equipment changes using your real-time infrastructure.
Gain proactive insight for risk analysis and smooth capacity planning.
Yes, it's as easy as it looks
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Founding Team

Denis deRuijter

An electrical engineer by training and a software architect by trade, Denis has spent the last 30 years building new computer products from the ground up, gaining deep and wide industry expertise. By persistently pushing to break new ground and thinking outside the box, Denis has turned innovative approaches and patents into reliable solutions to meet customer needs.

Technology curves are there for all to see, but putting together a solution that others are only imagining has now lead to Optumi - special and worth every moment of lost sleep.

Chris Marrie

After studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Bentley University, Chris served as Sales Development Manager for Atiim, Inc. where he was also deeply involved in sales operations, sales enablement and marketing efforts. At Optumi, Chris is responsible for product management, product marketing and customer development.

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