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Iterate faster

Burst Jupyter experiments
from your laptop into the cloud.

Our Product

Optumi delivers productivity software that helps data science teams experiment without infrastructure hassles. We offer a JupyterLab extension that executes your local notebooks as jobs in the cloud, monitors them and keeps resource costs under control.

Launch jobs
from JupyterLab

No need to provision cloud instances. To offload an experiment from your laptop, simply pop open the Optumi extension and express high-level computing needs. We’ll choose the right machines and run your notebooks.

Check up on experiments

Optumi brings visibility to cloud execution. We’ll give you real-time insight into which jobs are active and how they are progressing. You can run experiments in parallel and kill the underperformers.

We'll handle
the machines

No one likes babysitting their jobs and idle GPUs can cost a small fortune. Optumi helps you keep track of your spending and automatically shut down instances when you no longer need them.

Have Questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free
to email us at contact@optumi.com.